• Dave Howard

Radio: 'because the pictures are better'

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Legendary BBC broadcaster Alistair Cooke once said, "I prefer radio to TV because the pictures are better".

Words and sounds in radio can paint vivid images in a listener's mind, and also evoke powerful smells and tastes.

Now, after enormous growth in enthusiasm for podcasting, speech audio is in a new golden era. According to OFCOM, 1 in 8 people in the UK, or 7.1 million people, listen to podcasts every single week.

Not only that, technology means you can now create your own 'radio' - or podcasts - with very little expense, hardly any infrastructure, and just a bit of ingenuity.

With the right skills and planning – anyone can podcast.

It means that 'radio' now is a broader, deeper, and richer experience than ever before.

As a listener, you can choose to spend time with voices, sounds, and perspectives from everywhere and anywhere in the world, and from any interest or community niche.

Podcasts can be consumed while walking, working, driving, relaxing—pretty much any time.

Podcasts are also inherently intimate. By choosing to listen to your content, usually one-to-one through headphones, audiences let you pipe your messages into their ears.

That is a rare privilege, as any marketing person will tell you.

We set up Bespoken here in Edinburgh to help businesses and organisations be part of this audio golden era.

We can help you communicate your values and messages through podcasts, to an engaged and trusting audience.

If you are interesting in finding out more about how you might benefit from podcasting, we're here for a chat any time.

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