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Promote your business, charity or brand, and build strong and lasting relationships with audiences

A professionally produced podcast can positively reflect your brand's expertise, reputation, and market placement.

Bespoken can work with you to create a valuable podcast product that maximises your relationship with your chosen audience – whether that is clients, employees, or the general public.

We offer decades of audio production and creative storytelling expertise, to deliver a high-end audio product from initial concept through to delivery.

We'll take care of the full production, or teach you all the skills you need to bring your podcast to life independently.

Dave and Scene and Herd's Anna Davies, with Stand-up Farmer Jim Smith and Floss the dog
Bespoken's Dave Howard with NFU Scotland vice-president Martin Kennedy

If you are a PR or marketing company, looking to add podcasting to your portfolio of client services, we will be happy to assist.

We provide consultancy and strategy services, working with you and advising you to make the best possible success of your audio project. 

Audiobooks, smart-speaker content, or radio advert: whatever audio product you need, we can make it for you to your brief.

Production for Businesses and Organisations

For producers and freelancers

The BBC, Spotify, Audible, and other broadcasters want to know that you have the backing of an established and experienced production team before they will consider your programme pitch or story idea.

Bespoken is an approved supplier to BBC radio. We can work with you to develop and exec your proposal, giving you the best possible chance of winning your commission.


Talk to us. We’ll be happy to help.

Production for Producers and Freelancers
Training and Development

Training and development


You’ve got the ideas, the expertise and the stories; we’ll give you the skills and the confidence. Bespoken can offer tailored awayday-style training for you and your team. 

In these sessions, we will give you:

1) The Basics and the podcasting landscape

  • Types of podcasts and the different ways they can benefit you.

  • How you can harness podcasting to benefit your business or brand.

2) Planning, making and launching your podcast

  • Skills, techniques and equipment to record and edit audio.

  • The equipment you’ll need (and – just as importantly – what not to waste your money on).

  • Interview techniques and structuring a programme.

  • Writing and delivering a script.

  • Engaging and targeting your chosen audience.

  • Podcast cover art and branding.

  • Hosting and distributing your content.

  • Making best use of podcast promotional tools.

We offer this training on its own, or in a package that includes full production and on-the-job training for your first three podcasts.


We’ll give you all the technical training and support you need, so you can podcast with confidence.

We will tailor our training to suit your needs, and everything can be delivered remotely via webinar.


Get in touch to tell us how you’d like us to help.


Other support

If you would like to talk to us about any other aspect of audio production, such as audiobooks, smart-speaker content, or voiceover work, get in touch to tell us how you’d like us to help.

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