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  • Dave Howard

During Covid-19, podcasts can be your comms lifeline

In a perfect world, Bespoken would always make beautiful, crafted, thought-provoking radio.

We would agonise over every line. We'd perfect every edit. We'd work with you to choose the perfect mood, voice and music.

But this is not a perfect world, so that's probably not the service you need from us right now.

For the foreseeable future, podcasting can be a vital communications lifeline for your brand or business.

Whether you need to reach a scattered home-working team, or reassure customers that you're still on their side though your doors are shut, podcasting can get your message out.

You can do it remotely. You can do it quickly. You can start right now.

And honestly - what are your alternatives?

Can you be sure people will read your lengthy blog posts? Can you turn a well-produced video around quickly enough?

Podcasts are direct, personal, and can be quickly produced.

Once your audience - customers or team members - are subscribed to your feed, your episodes will automatically download to their device via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Bespoken can plan, record, produce, upload and distribute your podcast.

All you and your contributors need is a phone and internet.

Our first consultation is always free, so we can properly understand your needs and help you draw up a plan.

So talk to us, and let Bespoken put your comms lifeline in place.

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